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RE: Perth Top Fuel round:


I wanted to express my sincere thanks to you for the opportunity to enjoy the racing and your wonderful hospitality during the event.


It was our first time at a drag racing event, and we can honestly say we had a ball. It was also great to meet and talk with you and at length on the night, and watch your team at work rebuilding the cars prior to each event (which still blows me away!).


I'm sure that I'll be attending more drag racing events in future!

Kind Regards,

Johann Caspersz | Motoring Sales Executive | The West Australian


RE: Perth Top Fuel round:

What can I say Ė What an awesome night of racing!!! Had a ball, you guys are great.

I havenít stopped talking about how friendly and easy going you guys are, the time that Phil, Jim, Martin and yourself took to answer questions sign autographs and to check that we where fed, watered and comfortable was outstanding. We really enjoyed our time in the hospitality area. We hope to be there next year so I will keep an eye on your website for next years tickets.

Your merchandise stand was outstanding, however I walked away with a heavy camera bag and a lighter wallet. Thanks heaps for putting on a great show. Canít wait till next year, planning on making a trip over for a round at WSID in the not too distant future.

Thanks again,

Steve Kempton

Perth, WA 

RE: Perth Top Fuel round:

Wanted to thank you and the team for another amazing experience on the weekend. Judging by the feedback of the guests I'd invited, they had an enjoyable and very memorable day out.  Special thanks to Martin, Jim, Phil, Bruce and Rob who took time to chat with my guys and give them insights / experiences that money can't buy.  I hope you will be seeing more of us in the future!

Hope you all have a very happy and safe Christmas and a very fast Boxing day!

Kind regards

Michael Clark 
Account Manager 
Vodafone Australia

Barry and myself would like to thankyou so much for all your hospitality over the weekend as we could not of wished for better hosts.  We really enjoyed being with all the group and seeing what happens behind the scenes.  Total credit goes to you and Jim for keeping it all together and do a VERY good job... You both must look back and think that all the hard work has paid off and has been all worth it. Once again Thank you and the team for an experience that we will never forget.  


Just a quick note to thank you all for a wonderful two days and what I saw was something that a lot of work places are lacking and that is "team work" and "communication" and I saw this with both Phil's and Martins crew and it was a pleasure to see. I think you will like the pics that I have captured, and I hope both crews get to see them as I think they are a very very important part of Jim Read Racing. I was also sorry about Phils last run just before I left on Saturday night.....was it the clutch or blower or both ? I'm sure I heard a loud sound kind of like gears meshing (for want of a better word) just before half track and it just seemed to go on and on until the car disappeared. Hope you all had a safe trip back home.

Dean McCasker

Forestwood Photography